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Halton’s Annual Forum Focuses on Innovation in Agriculture
Apr 20, 2015

Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance

Halton Region’s Annual Agricultural Forum, held earlier in January, saw innovation as its focus this year, providing attendees with information on some of the latest trends in agriculture, including new research, funding opportunities and the advantages of developing niche products. Michael Brownbridge, Research Director of Horticultural Production Systems at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, was one of the forum’s speakers. Read more

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Creating Disease Resistance and Valuable Traits in Greenhouse Vegetables
Apr 1, 2015

The Grower
By Travis Banks

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is looking to nature’s method of creating new traits and accelerating it using modern technologies. In a process of ‘induced variation,’ Vineland grows a population of plants that have created thousands of small changes to their DNA instead of just dozens. Read more

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Produce Market Changes
Mar 30, 2015

By Lauran Sabourin

The start of the planting season is just weeks away and farmers are growing all the fresh produce that we like to eat. But the experts at the Vineland research centre are working on a project to convince consumers and growers to look beyond the corn and tomato stalks. Read more

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VRIC Gets $143,260 for Biocontrol Research
Mar 30, 2015

Grimsby Lincoln News
By Scott Rosts

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (VRIC) will be conducting new biocontrol research for the Canadian greenhouse sector, thanks to $143,260 federal funding. Read more

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Big Boost for Vineland’s Biocontrol Program
Mar 27, 2015

Greenhouse Canada
Written by Dave Harrison

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) is investing $143,260 in the greenhouse biocontrol program at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Read more

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Launching a New Pear Variety into Canadian Marketplace
Mar 25, 2015

Agricultural Adaptation Council

Vineland Growers’ Co-operative Ltd. is working, in collaboration with Ontario Tender Fruit Marketing Board and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, to launch a new premium pear variety into the Canadian marketplace. Read more

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Adapting to Consumer Tender-Fruit Wants
Mar 19, 2015

By Rob Houle
Distributed to six (6) Sun Media publications in the Niagara Region

Michael Kauzlaric, technology scout and grower outreach with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Vineland is on the hunt for tender-fruit growers looking to diversify their orchards by adding plum, nectarine or apricot trees bred by scientists from the University of Guelph in conjunction with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Lincoln and the Ontario Tender Fruit Marketing Board. Read more

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Plum Surprised
Mar 16, 2015

Grimsby Lincoln News
By Luke Edwards

Distributed to eight (8) Metroland Media publications

Peaches are gaining partners as the tender fruits of choice in Niagara, says Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s Michael Kauzlaric. Read more

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Vineland Researchers Building Vitality of Greenhouse Vegetable Market
Mar 13, 2015

Vineland researchers are using bioinformatics and specialized crop populations, containing changes mimicking naturally occurring variances, to introduce valuable traits in horticultural crops tailored to regional growth conditions and with broader consumer appeal. Read more

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Mar 1, 2015

The Grower
By Karen Davidson

Waste not, want not. That simple proverb is at work today across horticulture. As two Ontario apple growers and one peach grower discovered last summer, time motion studies of harvest workers in their orchards revealed wide variances in efficiency. Read more

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