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Cold Snap Pear
Nov 21, 2015

TVCogeco - The Source
By Mark Bennett

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre have partnered with the Vineland Growers' Co-operative Ltd. to create a new pear variety. Get acquainted with the Cold Snap Pear. Mark Bennett reports

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Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign
Nov 10, 2015

By Lauran Sabourin

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is helping to honour Canada’s military. When more than 100,000 trees are planted as a tribute to soldiers along the Highway of Heroes, the scientists at Vineland will have already tested the trees that will thrive. Lauran Sabourin reports

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Consumer Trends Drive Ornamental Plants
Nov 1, 2015

Landscape Trades, November 2015
By Dr. Alexandra Grygorczyk

Research at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) sheds light on changing attitudes about gardening. The grocery chain Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc. is partnering with Vineland to identify ethnic flowers and flower qualities typical among South and East Asian cultures. Read more

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Highway Trees Project a Continuation of 401 Planting
Nov 1, 2015

Landscape Ontario Magazine

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is continuing the task to develop guidelines to sustain healthy trees along highways. Dr. Darby McGrath, Research Scientist, Nursery and Landscape, at Vineland, Highway trees project a continuation of 401 planting says “In preliminary results from the first planting season, we found not all trees classified as urban-tolerant are suitable for planting in unmaintained sites.” Read more

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Researchers Help Trees Survive Harsh Life Along Roads
Oct 27, 2015

Ontario Farmer
By Helen Lammers-Helps

Researchers at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre have set out to find ways to improve the survival of trees planted on roadsides. Read more

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Eating Niagara: Seeking the Ideal Apple
Oct 20, 2015

Sun Media Publications
By Tiffany Mayer

They're a harbinger of fall and promise to keep you and your doctor strangers. And somewhere in a stand of 11,000 trees on the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre farm, there's an apple — or two — in the works that will be a beacon of flavour and juiciness, and give consumers something new into which they can sink their teeth. Read more

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Apple Breeding Program Hopes to ‘Refresh Canada’s Varietal Mix’
Oct 6, 2015

An apple breeding program in Canada is combining traditional techniques with genetics and sensory science to develop varieties with strong consumer appeal that stand out from the crowd. A team at Ontario-based Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) started the project in 2011 in partnership with the Ontario Apple Growers, and currently has more than 4,000 trees planted for evaluation. Read more

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Fall in love with apples
Oct 1, 2015

The Grower
By Nathalie Dreifelds

With fall around the corner, the apple season is fast approaching. Combining traditional breeding techniques, genetics and sensory science, a team at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is developing apple varieties enthusiasts will fall in love with. Read more

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When Biocontrol Doesn’t Work, How to Deal with Infiltrators, Intruders or Invaders
Oct 1, 2015

The Grower
By Karen Davidson

While virtually all greenhouse vegetable growers use biocontrol in their greenhouses, sometimes the finely tuned eco-environment is upset by infiltrators, intruders or invaders. That’s the topic that Michael Brownbridge will tackle at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference on October 7. Read more

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Fall in Love with Apples
Sep 29, 2015

TVCogeco – The Source

Brenda Schultz hit the road this week for a visit to the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. She met with Daryl Somers who is in the midst of a long range project that will eventually lead to a new variety of apple. Brenda Schultz reports

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