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Filling a funding ‘GAPP’ at Vineland Research
Aug 17, 2018
Niagara This Week By Luke Edwards, Grimsby Lincoln News Federal Minister of Science and Sport Kirsty Duncan announces $6.7 million in federal funding for seven genomic research studies including a joint project between Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and the University of Toronto. Read more
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#NAPB2018: Here’s what’s new in sweet potatoes and tomatoes
Aug 15, 2018
SeedWorld, August 7, 2018 By Marc Zienkiewicz Marc Zienkiewicz reports live at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre during the National Association of Plant Breeders Annual Meeting. More here
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Vineland unveils new sweet potato, resistant rose
Aug 10, 2018
Ontario Farmer, August 7, 2018 By Lilian Schaer The annual 'What's Growing On?' open house showcased two Vineland innovations that will be hitting the market in 2019: Radiance, a made-for-Canada sweet potato variety, and Chinook Sunrise, a new rose that will be part of the 49th Parallel Canadian rose collection. Read more
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Dr. Alexandra Grygorczyk - Vineland Research and Innovation Centre unleashing edible flowers
Aug 8, 2018
CKTB, August 5, 2018 Matt Holmes Niagara In the Morning Weekend Edition Vineland's Alexandra Grygorczyk discusses her edible flowers research. Listen here
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