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Edible flowers are a blooming food trend
Sep 18, 2018
The Toronto Star, September 14, 2018 By Mark Cullen and Ben Cullen, Special to the Star According to Whole Foods Market, edible flowers are the No. 1 consumer food trend for 2018. Researcher Alexandra Grygorczyk, at Vineland is studying the consumer preferences behind this trend. Read more
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Roundtable business road trip round#2 (Debbie Zimmerman, Dr. Jim Brandle)
Sep 14, 2018
610 CKTB, September 14, 2018 Niagara In the Morning with Tim Denis Vineland's Jim Brandle and Grape Growers of Ontario's Debbie Zimmerman discuss agriculture in Niagara as part of a business road trip roundtable. Listen here
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Biopesticides and biostimulants: friends with benefits
Sep 4, 2018
The Grower, September 2018 issue By Karen Davidson Four years ago, Vineland’s researchers started to look at bioinoculants. “We’re only just beginning to understand how to reduce the susceptibility of plants to pests and disease,” says Vineland's Dr. Michael Brownbridge. “That requires a total change of thinking in terms of how to integrate these biological materials into IPM systems.” Read more
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