News Archive: 10/2018

Biocontrol big for flower growers
Oct 29, 2018 By Vineland Research and Innovation Centre More greenhouse growers are buying into biocontrol thanks largely to the work of a team of Vineland researchers. Read more
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New sweet potato variety shines
Oct 24, 2018
Spudsmart By Marc Zienkiewicz Ready for commercial release in 2019 is Radiance, Vineland's new sweet potato variety developed in Canada to suit the country’s growing season and conditions. The variety is currently being trialed from coast-to-coast, and should be appearing in Canadian grocery stores next year. Read more
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Testing, Testing, TOV
Oct 19, 2018, October 11, 2018 Travis Banks who oversees Vineland’s program to enhance flavour and production traits in greenhouse tomatoes is feeling the pressure of a deadline as the target date nears to bring a new, tastier hybrid tomato-on-the-vine (TOV) to market by 2022. Read more
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People in produce
Oct 16, 2018
Produce Grower, Cover story, October 2018 issue By Douglas Guth The produce industry relies on exceptional people to advance the processes of growing food, improving it and getting it to consumers' plates. In this month’s cover story, meet Vineland's Dr. Amy Bowen one of seven leading People in Produce. Read more
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Rediscover the passion for roses!
Oct 2, 2018
Local Gardener, Harvesting 2018 issue By Rob Van Zanten Specially bred hardy roses for the Canadian climate, Vineland's 49th Parallel collection features Chinook (above), which will be released next year, and Canadian Shield (right), which is already available. Read more
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