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Game-Changing Solutions for Agriculture
Dec 21, 2018
Insert in National Post - a sponsored feature by MEDIAPLANET, December 20, 2018 By Elaine Corbett and Ted Kristonis Climate change, rising costs, increasing global competition, and international trade deals such as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement , demand innovation to help make Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector more efficient and competitive. With the support of Ontario Genomics, work is underway at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre to address these challenges. Read more
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Help wanted!
Dec 14, 2018
Greenhouse Canada, December 2018 issue By Dr. Michael Brownbridge and Dr. Rose Buitenhuis With the global movement of plant material, a changing climate and resistance among pest populations, is it time we brought in new biocontrol agents? Read more
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Best practices for healthy trees
Dec 6, 2018 Vineland has been identifying methods and creating new technologies to help tree propagators grow seedlings with better root quality. Read more
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