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Vineland's new seedless grapes to hit market in 2020 as fruit breeding programs grow
Aug 20, 2019 After years of testing and development, Canada's Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is preparing to release its long-awaited seedless table grape variety next year. Read more
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CAAIN funding announcement reaction: Ian Potter - Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Aug 15, 2019
Alberta Innovates, July 26, 2019 Ian Potter, President and CEO at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, explains the significance of the Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network and what the future will bring after the federal funding announcement of $49.5 million on July 22, 2019. Learn more
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The next wave of plant consumers
Aug 1, 2019
Greenhouse Canada, August 2019 issue By Dr. Alexandra Grygorczyk As new immigrants and younger generations become established, so too do their purchase interests in the floriculture sector. Vineland's Alexandra Grygorczyk explains. Read more
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