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Roses to inspire our sense of place
Apr 17, 2019

Garden Making
By Heather White

Chinook Sunrise, a shrub-type rose, is the second release in a series of roses called Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection. Its blooms are described as a delicious kaleidoscope of shades, from deep coral to pale pink. Read more

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How will gene-editing reach the farm?
Apr 2, 2019

By Matt McIntosh

Biotechnology experts met in Toronto to discuss how Canada’s regulatory system could better enable the safe commercialization of gene-edited plants and animals. Because of the investment exodus occurring in Europe, Michael Pautler, head of genomic services at Platform Genetics Inc., a sub-company of Vineland, says European Union companies looking for new horticultural crops have been increasingly working with Vineland. Read more 

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Biocontrol thriving in Canadian floriculture greenhouses
Mar 27, 2019

Greenhouse Canada, March/April 2019 issue
By Ashley Summerfield

Vineland's most recent survey of Canadian greenhouse growers found a growth in the number of biocontrol users and the extent of biocontrol use. Read more

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To water or not to water, ask the computer
Mar 20, 2019

Greenhouse Canada, March/April 2019 issue
By Greta Chiu

Sunrise Greenhouses has collaborated on an artificial intelligence-based smart irrigation project at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre that allows for predictive modelling of smart irrigation in potted crops. Read more

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Niagara researcher breeds sweet potato designed to grow in the Canadian climate
Mar 14, 2019
The Canadian Press

Valerio Primomo, a research scientist and vegetable breeder at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, has developed "Radiance," a variety of sweet potato with a shorter growing season. Read more

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It's a long journey to develop a new Ontario apple
Mar 8, 2019

Norfolk Farms, Spring 2019

Vineland's Dr. Daryl Somers has bitten into a tasty but lengthy project as he develops a new apple for Ontario. He figures it will take 15 or 20 years before it will be ready for the fresh apple market. Read more

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One million Radiance slips to be available to sweet potato growers in 2019
Mar 4, 2019

Norfolk Farms, Spring 2019

Move over Covington and Orleans to make way for the new sweet potato variety known as Radiance which has been developed by Vineland in collaboration with Louisiana State University. Read more

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A made-in-Ontario tomato, courtesy of Vineland Research
Feb 27, 2019

Niagara This Week
By Luke Edwards

The plants are in for another year of Vineland's greenhouse tomato program that's seeking to develop a made-in-Ontario hybrid for local climate conditions. Right now they’re tiny seedlings and with any luck, in two years they’ll be supplying grocers and consumers across the province with delicious tomatoes. Read more

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Delving into new disease foes
Feb 1, 2019

Greenhouse Management, February 2019 issue
By Patrick Williams

Not just for pests, biocontrol agents are being researched for their effect on diseases by Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, which has surveyed and spoken with growers who use them. Read more

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Condo sprouts trees
Jan 17, 2019

Landscape Trades, January 2019 issue
By Scott Barber

An architect firm and condo developer are planning Canada’s first vertical forest for Toronto, and they’ve brought together an impressive team of experts including Vineland Research and Innovation Centre to make the ambitious project come to life. Read more

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