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Greenhouse funding announcement
Nov 27, 2018

YourTV Niagara

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre welcomed Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay to their Greenhouse Facility today. Minister MacAulay announced a 5 million dollar investment to boost Canada's greenhouse sector. Brenda Schultz reports.

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Vineland researchers search for the perfect match of apple varieties to meet Ontario consumers’ cider preferences
Nov 22, 2018

Better Farming, November 22, 2018
By Jim Algie

Hard cider taste tests at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre show clear consumer preference for sweet fruity flavours over drier tannic ones, said Dr. Amy Bowen, research director of consumer insights at the centre.  Read more

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All the right ways to apply microbial biopesticides
Nov 19, 2018

Greenhouse Canada
By Dr. Michael Brownbridge

Vineland's research team has investigated how application methods of microbial biopesticides affect viability and coverage as part of an integrated pest management system. Read more

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Slipping into sweet potato production
Nov 12, 2018

Greenhouse Canada
By Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

February tends to be a slow time at Roelands Plant Farms Inc. But not this year. Roelands was tasked with propagating sweet potato slips to trial Vineland’s made-in-Canada variety of the popular storage vegetable on about 25 Canadian farms this year. Read more

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Watch an entire greenhouse tomato harvest in under two minutes
Nov 8, 2018, October 29, 2018

In partnership with the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers, Vineland is developing new Tomato on the Vine hybrids for market launch in 2021. In this video shot at Vineland's Collaborative Greenhouse Technology Centre, you can check out an entire greenhouse tomato harvest in under two minutes. Read more

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New table grape varieties for Ontario could diversify market
Nov 5, 2018

By Lilian Schaer

Driven by demand primarily from farmers, the Ontario Fresh Grape Growers’ Marketing Board and Vineland teamed up four years ago to find new table grape varieties for the Ontario market. Read more

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Biocontrol big for flower growers
Oct 29, 2018
By Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

More greenhouse growers are buying into biocontrol thanks largely to the work of a team of Vineland researchers. Read more

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New sweet potato variety shines
Oct 24, 2018

By Marc Zienkiewicz

Ready for commercial release in 2019 is Radiance, Vineland's new sweet potato variety developed in Canada to suit the country’s growing season and conditions. The variety is currently being trialed from coast-to-coast, and should be appearing in Canadian grocery stores next year. Read more

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Testing, Testing, TOV
Oct 19, 2018, October 11, 2018

Travis Banks who oversees Vineland’s program to enhance flavour and production traits in greenhouse tomatoes is feeling the pressure of a deadline as the target date nears to bring a new, tastier hybrid tomato-on-the-vine (TOV) to market by 2022. Read more

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People in produce
Oct 16, 2018

Produce Grower, Cover story, October 2018 issue
By Douglas Guth

The produce industry relies on exceptional people to advance the processes of growing food, improving it and getting it to consumers' plates. In this month’s cover story, meet Vineland's Dr. Amy Bowen one of seven leading People in Produce. Read more

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