Vineland Newsletters

Officially launched at Landscape Ontario Congress January 9, 2018, RootSmartTM is a proven solution for root girdling, a costly problem for the horticulture industry.

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has developed a new website based on its research findings to improve tree longevity in challenging locations. offers a soil remediation calculator and tree species selector to ensure successful tree plantings, even on difficult sites.

Canadians consume on average 1.5 kilograms of sweet potatoes every year and about 4,000 acres are needed to meet this demand.  In partnership with Louisiana State University, Vineland has been testing varieties of sweet potato suited to Canada's climate. One variety has come out on top and is set for growers' fields in 2019.

The snow is still falling in many parts of Canada but green thumbs everywhere are already planning what to grow in their gardens this summer.