Best growing practices for Radiance, Canada’s new sweet potato variety

To support growers, Vineland has conducted a series of agronomic trials in 2017 and 2018 to better understand how to grow this sweet potato efficiently. Results on spacing, days to maturity, harvesting, postharvesting and pest management have been compiled into an easy-to-read research update report (click here to view). A few key findings include:   

  • Radiance matures 11 to 20 days earlier than commercial varieties Covington and Orleans
  • Radiance produced significantly higher U.S. grade #1 and total marketable yields than both Covington and Orleans for early and late harvest as well as single and double row planting
  • Double row planting can decrease total acreage while still providing high yields when a later harvest (mid-October) is desired
  • Biodegradable black plastic mulch can increase yields in a double row planting system if an early harvest is desired
  • Under Canadian conditions, curing for a minimum of seven days is required to adequately cure sweet potatoes

For more information, please contact:
Valerio Primomo, PhD
Research Scientist, Vegetable Breeding
905-562-0320 x873 

Flesh colour comparison between Radiance (top image) and Covington (bottom image)