The Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide is now available

The newly released Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide is the most comprehensive reference document available to the landscape industry. It captures years of research conducted by Vineland and experts from around the world on tree survival and establishment in challenging environments. The validated recommendations will guide green industry practitioners to sustainably design, build and maintain our Canadian landscape. 

Dr. Darby McGrath, Vineland Research Scientist and one of the main authors of the guide, answers a few questions below.

Q. What is the purpose of this reference guide?
The guide is intended for landscape architects, designers, contractors, urban forest managers, horticulturists and other professionals who have a working knowledge of the horticultural trades. Its purpose is to capture the wealth of evidence-based information available on tree planting to summarize research findings and make it accessible to practitioners.  

Q. How was it developed?
In 1994, Landscape Ontario published a useful guide for the industry that was revised in 2005. In 2018, Landscape Ontario partnered with Vineland to develop a 21st century version based on a comprehensive review of the research contained within the original guide to ensure that the information was relevant.

Q. What is the format of the guide?
The guide is broken up into step-by-step chapters written to provide readers with a summary of relevant content and up-to-date research findings. There is also a series of corresponding field sheets available where pertinent information from the chapters is itemized into actionable items.

Q. What’s next?
We are looking forward to getting the guide into the hands of practitioners across Canada. I will be presenting this guide at Landscape Ontario Congress 2020 with Ian Bruce and Glen Lumis, two of the guide steering committee members. Additionally, it will be included in the Canadian Landscape Standards (CLS) as it has been reviewed and approved by the CLS committee this spring.

The Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide will be available early August at

For more information, contact:
Darby McGrath, PhD, Research Scientist, Nursery & Landscape
905-562-0320 x766