Putting Technology to Work for Horticulture: Process Control and Automation Engineering

This program was initiated in response to industry cost of production data that shows labour as the number one expense for grower operations. The main objective is to design automation technology in an indoor environment for the greenhouse sector. The automation program will be further enhanced within Vineland’s new research greenhouse, creating a large pre-commercial setting for constant innovation and collaboration.

The team is currently working on seven projects:

  • Development of an Automated Vegetable Packing System
  • Development of Gripper Tools for Automated Handling of Horticultural Produce
  • Development of Wireless Irrigation Sensing and Decision Making Systems
  • Development and Commercialization of an Automated Planting System
  • Development and Commercialization of an Automated Potted Plant Packaging System
  • Development and Commercialization of Automation Technologies to Aid Mushroom Harvesting

Funding Partners & Collaborators

Central Fabricating
CMP Automation
Erie James Limited
Freeman Herbs
Monaghan Mushrooms
Sunrise Greenhouses Ltd.
Western University