The 2022 Greening the Landscape Conversation Series

Vineland’s Greening the Landscape Research Consortium is pleased to announce the second season of the Greening the Landscape Conversations. The Consortium will be hosting two Conversations throughout the fall of 2022, centered on key topics that were identified and chosen by our members. Both sessions will be moderated by Dr. Ryan Plummer, Human Dimension and Resilience Advisor to the Greening the Landscape Research Consortium. The Conversations are a venue and vehicle to mobilize knowledge and infuse it with on-the-ground perspectives, covering both policy and practices within the realm of urban forestry. 

Meet the New Growing Medium Section of the Canadian Landscape Standard

Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 11 am EST

Vineland’s Greening the Landscape Research Consortium members ranked soil standards for tree establishment and health as their topic of greatest interest. No wonder, soils are the foundation to our urban forestry dreams. This past year, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre rewrote Section 5 of the Canadian Landscape Standard on Growing Medium, taking an evidence-based approach rooted in consultation, collaboration and soil science. The new standard is designed to guide best practices on the ground, giving practitioners the evidence-based knowledge, tools and resources they need to help trees succeed. Join panelists Ron Koudys, Principal Landscape Architect of the CLS Committee, Consortium member Steve Robinson, President of the ISA Ontario Board and Vineland’s Vice President of Research and Development Dr. Darby McGrath as they discuss the new standard and how we can use it. This one-hour Conversation session offers 1.0 CEU (only for live broadcast) from the International Society of Arboriculture. Presented in collaboration with the ISA Ontario.


  Event Date: November 22, 2022 at 11 am
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