The 2022 Greening the Landscape Conversation Series

Vineland’s Greening the Landscape Research Consortium is pleased to announce the second season of the Greening the Landscape Conversations. The Consortium will be hosting two Conversations throughout the fall of 2022, centered on key topics that were identified and chosen by our members. Both sessions will be moderated by Dr. Ryan Plummer, Human Dimension and Resilience Advisor to the Greening the Landscape Research Consortium. The Conversations are a venue and vehicle to mobilize knowledge and infuse it with on-the-ground perspectives, covering both policy and practices within the realm of urban forestry. 

Moving Knowledge into Action: Engaging Communities in Urban Tree Planting

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 11 am EST

Knowledge Mobilization is a fancy term for the process of moving evidence-based research into action. In this Conversation, we will address the importance of knowledge mobilization in implementing changes to the urban forest canopy. This includes not only asking the right research questions, but also translating findings for multiple and diverse audiences to help ensure the information emerging through research can be implemented by urban forestry professionals in the field. This session will help you better understand and navigate these challenges to engage communities in tree planting and reach your urban forestry goals. Join panelists Dr. Andrew Hirons, Myerscough University, and lead of the Tree Designs and Action Group in the United Kingdom, Erika Navarro-Meza, Communications Specialist for the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and the Consortium’s own Knowledge Mobilization Specialist, Amanda Smits who will share their knowledge and experiences in effectively communicating with a variety of audiences.


  Event Date: October 18, 2022 at 11 am
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