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What is your business model?

Research programs at Vineland are broad, cross-disciplinary, multi-year programs made up of a number of interrelated projects with different partners and funding streams that include both industry contributions and research grants. The Business Development Office supports research programs to accelerate timelines and maximize commercial uptake and the delivery of real results.

How are you funded?

Vineland has different sources of funding including government funding such as Canadian Agricultural Partnership, industry funding and partners’ contributions.

How do you decide which research projects to undertake?

Vineland’s research strategy is the framework by which research projects are developed that have the greatest potential for impact to the Canadian horticulture sector. Vineland’s research strategy defines three core processes: Research Priority Setting, Opportunity Analysis and Project Management. These processes serve to strengthen and refine a project through its development and allow for the flexibility to address the changing needs and opportunities in the sector.

How many people work at Vineland?

There are over 100 employees working at Vineland. During the summer, Vineland hires approximately 25 students.

How large is your campus?

The main Vineland campus showcases 90 acres of land. There is also a grape station on Cherry Avenue totaling 35 acres and the main farm on Victoria Avenue with almost 100 acres of land dedicated to research.