Building sustainable landscapes

Developing practices to create environmental conditions that support the sustainable growth and use of plants form the foundation of Vineland’s Plant Responses and the Environment research program.

Innovation Challenge and Opportunity

Program focus: 

  • Enhance the evidence of horticultural products as natural solutions through active experimentation, testing and demonstration
  • Utilize new technologies and techniques across crops to create production efficiencies
  • Develop new practices for circular economy in horticulture by utilizing waste streams on the farm or transforming into value-added products

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TreeCulture Research Park

Vineland’s TreeCulture Research Park is the first of its kind in Canada. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to give researchers the ability to study trees and soil under semi-controlled conditions. Most research involving trees takes place either in the field, where conditions can be quite unpredictable or in the laboratory, where researchers have to replicate real-world conditions by building and testing model systems in bench-top experiments. The TreeCulture Research Park offers the best of both worlds, allowing scientists to conduct research trials and experiments at scale, while controlling inputs and testing specific soil treatments under natural environmental conditions.

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Greening the Landscape Research Consortium

This new public-private research consortium will lead urban greening research by setting priorities that reflect industry needs and support economic success.

Consortium members will have access to a range of benefits, from training and skills development opportunities to innovative data, network connections and emerging knowledge.

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