The 2021-2022 Innovation Report

November 2021


  • Innovation for impact
  • Spreading happiness with a Canadian pear – French
  • A national solution against greenhouse pests – French
  • A flavour boost with global potential – French
  • Case study: The sweet smell of sweet potato success – French
  • An automated future for Ontario’s processing vegetable sector
  • Zeroing in on a new Canadian apple – French
  • Growing a cross-country innovation network for horticulture
  • New urban greening initiative focuses on innovation for Canada’s urban landscapes – French
  • Vineland by the numbers
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The 2020-2021 Innovation Report

November 2020


  • The tomatoes that Canadians want – French
  • Consumer insights for market success – French
  • Case study: Setting the stage for the Arctic® Apple – French
  • Collaborating for innovation impact – French
  • Vineland’s role in the automation of horticulture – French
  • Leading the way to healthy Canadian landscapes – French
  • Harnessing global innovation for local results – French
  • Vineland at a glance
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The 2019-2020 Innovation Report

October 2019


  • A new breed of company – French
  • Apple buds and taste buds
  • Seeking some hungry predators
  • Vineland makes expertise available to industry
  • Carving a path to commercialization – French
  • Vineland’s Automation Cluster seeds a homegrown industry – French
  • Vineland is bringing smart mushroom harvesting within reach – French
  • Getting smart about greenhouse irrigation: using artificial intelligence to guide watering decisions in Canada’s greenhouses – French
  • An automated workforce to harvest Canada’s greenhouse cucumbers – French
  • Vineland at a glance
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The 2018-2019 Innovation Report

October 2018


  • Leading the way on automation
  • Testing, Testing, TOV – French
  • Growing the urban canopy in a new direction
  • Slipping into sweet potato production – French
  • Consumer insights go beyond Vineland
  • Biocontrol big for flower growers
  • Vineland case study: Bringing World Crops to market – French
  • Vineland case study: Greening Canada’s roadways – French
  • Vineland by the number
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The 2017-2018 Innovation Report

October 2017


  • New sweet potato variety suited to the Canadian growing season – French
  • The potential of sweet potato propagation
  • Orange sweet potatoes golden for consumers
  • Cracking the code on eggplant production – French
  • Okra proves A-OK for Canadian growers – French
  • The scent of opportunity
  • Gene miners: Meet PGI, Vineland’s first spin-off company
  • Mini-cuke packer promises big changes
  • Scouting program proves fruitful
  • Stars align for Chinook SunriseTMFrench
  • Rooting for success with RootSmartTMFrench
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