Creating value through market-driven product development

Vineland’s Consumer, Sensory & Market Insights expertise creates impact by driving the competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of the horticultural sector.

Our definition of the consumer encompasses anyone that utilizes economic goods throughout the value chain. This empowers us to gather intelligence from end-consumers, growers and beyond to support innovation for the sector, through:

  • Identification of new opportunities to fill market gaps or expand market share
  • Support of new product and technology development
  • Business and sector-wide strategy development


Innovation Challenge and Opportunity

Deliver end-to-end multi-disciplinary solutions for fresh, processed or packaged commodities and technologies from concept design and testing to finished product evaluations.

End-to-end multi-disciplinary solutions for fresh, processed or packaged commodities and technologies


  • Why work with us?
    • We offer a customized data-driven approach based on our extensive knowledge of the horticultural sector
    • We have an understanding and the ability to work with fresh market perishable products, production cycles, product variability, seasonality and market trends
    • We are an innovation broker with established connections across the horticultural ecosystem
  • Who have we worked with?
    • We are experienced in conducting research on behalf of growers, retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, technology companies, academic institutions and industry associations
  • What product types have we worked with?
    • Edibles – fresh, frozen or cooked fruits and vegetables, wines, ciders and spirits, consumer packaged goods, cannabis and food ingredients
    • Non-edibles – ornamental plants, biodigestate, horticultural technologies
    • Waste valorization – click here for more information

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Consumer Research

Sensory Profiles

Market Insights

Consumer Research

  • In-person taste evaluations to define liking and consumer demographics
  • Focus groups
  • Consumer and value chain surveys, both online and in-person
  • Home use tests
  • In-store intercept/shopper interviews

Sensory Profiles

  • Impact of variety, storage or processing conditions, formulation changes or other factors on taste, aroma, texture or visual characteristics
  • Setting up sensory quality parameters or standards
  • Establishing in-house sensory and consumer panels for clients
  • Detecting threshold of perception for aromas or textures
  • Correlations between sensory and instrumental analyses
  • Sensory claims substantiation

Market Insights

  • State of the industry reports, including sector overviews, value chain interviews, benchmarking of industry practices (opportunity scoping/adoption rates)
  • Business and technology roadmaps
  • Feasibility and cost benefit analysis studies
  • Industry intelligence, including market trends, competitive intelligence and product research
  • Brand insights development
  • International trade data analysis
  • Market Insights service sheet