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Greening the Landscape through collaborative member-driven research

There are many challenges affecting our urban environments. In order to develop effective solutions to improve the health and function our urban landscapes, Vineland prioritizes collaborative research. Therefore, we have developed the Greening the Landscape Research Consortium. This unique research program centres on improving the collective capacity of the urban tree value chain through collaborative, member-driven research.

In collaboration with members from across the urban tree value chain, including municipalities, conservation authorities, tree nurseries, product suppliers, non-profits and landscape architects, the Consortium works to:

  • Define research priorities addressing key questions related to the design, planning and development of urban environments
  • Collaborate on the development and delivery of case study research
  • Expand networks of communication allowing for more effective collaboration
  • Learn from leading experts in the field through the Consortium’s annual Conversations webinar series and quarterly newsletters
  • Connect, share knowledge and network at the Consortium’s Annual Member Workshop and other value chain focused field events

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Innovation challenge and opportunity

With over 10 years of experience conducting research in support of tree survival, establishment and growth, the Greening the Landscape research team has designed a program to actively address emerging urban forest planning, management and maintenance needs.

The Consortium’s research focus changes and evolves according to members’ needs and interests, with new case studies developed and launched every four years.  The first phase of the Consortium’s research, spanning July 2021 through July 2024, is centered on the five case study projects that seek to address:

  • Canopy Climate Readiness of Canada’s urban forests with respect to the use and the application of climate-resilient species recommendations
  • Grow Contracts and other strategies designed to foster collaboration between tree producers and tree planters
  • Public Perceptions of Tree Planting and Management, facilitating more accessible and effective communication with respect to the urban forest management
  • Best Practices for Tree Establishment and Maintenance to improve tree survival, productivity and growth across the range of urban planting conditions
  • Training & Tools needed to support the effective implementation of best practices, evidence-based specifications as well as management and maintenance recommendations in the field.

Consortium benefits

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