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Vineland has a strong history working with partners across the country to support the development and growth of Canada’s urban landscape.

Various levels of membership are available to stakeholders along the urban tree value chain, including municipalities, conservation authorities, provincial governments, non-governmental organizations, suppliers, nurseries, landscape professionals, architects, professional associations, developers and consultants.

Membership is open twice annually for summer and winter intake:

  • Summer intake – April 1 – September 30
  • Winter intake – October 1 – March 31

Membership information is available through researchconsortium@vinelandresearch.com.


Consortium Benefits

Municipalities, Conservation Authorities, Provincial Governments, NGOs

  • Improve asset management planning and procurement practices
  • Access innovative data to support the establishment, growth, and resilience of green infrastructure

Suppliers, Nurseries, Landscape Professionals, Landscape Architects

  • Improve performance of products and designs
  • Connect with the supply chain for new and emerging opportunities 

Professional Associations

  • Connect to clients and suppliers
  • Access the latest information and knowledge
  • Provide training opportunities to association members


  • Reduce capital costs
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of green infrastructure design standards 
  • Meet corporate citizenship goals


  • Access innovative data and resources to support skill development
  • Develop additional knowledge to satisfy existing clients and expand clientele 

Consortium Members

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