The 2018-2019 Innovation Report

October 2018


  • Leading the way on automation
  • Testing, Testing, TOV – French
  • Growing the urban canopy in a new direction
  • Slipping into sweet potato production – French
  • Consumer insights go beyond Vineland
  • Biocontrol big for flower growers
  • Vineland case study: Bringing World Crops to market – French
  • Vineland case study: Greening Canada’s roadways – French
  • Vineland by the number
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The 2017-2018 Innovation Report

October 2017


  • New sweet potato variety suited to the Canadian growing season – French
  • The potential of sweet potato propagation
  • Orange sweet potatoes golden for consumers
  • Cracking the code on eggplant production – French
  • Okra proves A-OK for Canadian growers – French
  • The scent of opportunity
  • Gene miners: Meet PGI, Vineland’s first spin-off company
  • Mini-cuke packer promises big changes
  • Scouting program proves fruitful
  • Stars align for Chinook SunriseTMFrench
  • Rooting for success with RootSmartTMFrench
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The 2016-2017 Innovation Report

October 2016


  • The dirt on healthy urban trees
  • Say what? Talking science with consumers
  • Appassimento chamber ups Ontario’s wine game
  • Crafting a sustainable cider industry
  • The scent of a tomato
  • Patience and possibilities: Vineland’s apple program takes root
  • Rose collection begins to bloom
  • Cold SnapTM spreading and that’s a good thing
  • A mite-y discovery
  • Innovative automation technologies around the corner
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The 2015 Innovation Report

August 2015


  • The science of storytelling
  • New commercial research greenhouse set to give Ontario consumers more of what they want
  • Vineland begins multi-product bio-inoculant testing
  • New products reflect Vineland’s consumer-centric research focus
  • Innovation and commercialization, two sides of the same coin for Vineland
  • World crops trials to provide growers with scientific basis for decision-making
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The 2014 Innovation Report – Inaugural Edition

July 2014


  • The many paths to innovation
  • Robots pack plants and profits: borrowing from the automotive industry’s playbook
  • New pre-commercial greenhouse set to revitalize economic development in Niagara
  • Vineland CEO says strategic vision is working
  • Build it and (know why) consumers will come
  • Vineland set to commercialize new breeding technology platform
  • Hardy rose breeding program moves to next level, with testing at sites across Canada
  • Vineland opens new product pipeline for growers
  • Good news for poinsettia growers
  • Grower alert: world crops target market’s sweet spot
  • Greening highways project heads west
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