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Agricultural research strives to leave tasteless tomatoes in the dust
Posted Feb 23, 2018
The Toronto Star
By Sonia Day, Special to the Star
Scientists at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Niagara are on the hunt for the ‘perfect grocery store tomato’ — but it could take a few more years, Sonia Day writes. Read more

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Canadian ShieldTM
Mar 9, 2018 to Mar 18, 2018
Vineland will be promoting Canadian ShieldTM and Vineland's 49th Parallel Collection at Canada Blooms. We'll be adjacent to the Garden Solutions Stage presented by Harrowsmith. The show takes place March 9-18, 2018. For more information about the event, please visit their website 

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Posted Jan 9, 2018
A proven and innovative tree propagation system is helping growers increase their profitability by producing healthier, more beautiful trees. Launched today at the Landscape Ontario Congress, RootSmartTM is an evidence-based propagation system that promotes an ideal root structure by preventing root girdling at the propagation stage. Read more

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Greening Canada's Highways research update

February, 2018

This is the latest research update for Vineland's Greening the Canadian Landscape program.

Latest Innovation Report

The 2017-2018 Innovation Report

October, 2017


  • New sweet potato variety suited to the Canadian growing season
  • The potential of sweet potato propagation
  • Orange sweet potatoes golden for consumers
  • Cracking the code on eggplant production
  • Okra proves A-OK for Canadian growers
  • The scent of opportunity
  • Gene miners: Meet PGI, Vineland's first spin-off company
  • Mini-cuke packer promises big changes
  • Scouting program proves fruitful
  • Stars align for Chinook SunriseTM

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The winter 2017 Vineland newsletter

Dec 1, 2017


  • Mini-cuke packer - A Vineland innovation
  • Cider profiles and consumer preference
  • New table grape varieties on the way
  • New directors appointed to Vineland's board
  • Growing the Canadian berry market