Research at Vineland

Research at Vineland

Research is at the heart of Vineland's mandate and its research strategy is the framework by which projects are developed that have the greatest potential of impact for the Canadian horticulture sector.

Vineland’s research strategy defines four core processes: Stakeholder Engagement, Research Priorities, Opportunity Analysis and Project Management. These processes serve to strengthen and refine a project through its development and allow for the flexibility to address the changing needs and opportunities in the sector.

Research programs at Vineland are broad, cross‐disciplinary, multi‐year programs made up of a number of interrelated projects with different partners and funding streams that include both industry contributions and research grants.

Vineland has established capacity in four core areas: Applied Genomics, Consumer Insights, Horticultural Production Systems and Robotics & Automation. Each team is comprised of Research Scientists, postdocs, technicians and students and is supported by Vineland's Business Development Office which assists with commercialization, technology scouting and technology transfer activities.

Vineland’s portfolio of research programs includes 10 different research initiatives that create impactful results for the Canadian horticulture industry. For more information on the programs, please visit the Research Programs section of this website.