Rittenhouse Hall

Vineland Campus

Vineland's main campus located by Lake Ontario showcases 90 acres of land and several buildings. For a pictorial view of the campus, please visit the Vineland campus map page.

Vineland's Campus Facilities

The Province of Ontario building (Rittenhouse) accommodates a number of provincial government agencies including:

The Vineland Administration building houses a few different organizations including:

The North building accommodates two groups:

A few of Vineland's research departments are also located in the Research Services building and the potting shed.

The Foreign Affair Winery's boutique winery and retail store are situated on Vineland's campus.

The Lodge Business Centre

The Lodge was constructed in the late 1940s to accommodate staff, students and visiting researchers to the former Horticultural Experiment Station at Vineland.

In 2010, FedDev Ontario awarded a $1 million grant to renovate the Lodge which became a business development centre to help horticulture and agri-business companies bring new products to market.

Tenants in the Lodge Business Centre include:

If you are interested in leasing space at the Lodge Business Centre, please contact info@vinelandresearch.com