Development and validation of a color evaluation process for sweet potato preference characterization

Journal of Sensory Studies, May 30, 2019, e12524.
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Abstract: Bowen, A.J., Blake, A. and J. Turecek. This study reports on the development of a process to objectively evaluate color using descriptive analysis. Panelists established a color lexicon (hue, lightness, evenness) and a two‐dimensional reference tool. The lexicon was applied to 23 baked sweet potato cultivars, along with a flavor lexicon. Color attributes all differentiated the products; most of the variation was due to color evenness. A consumer acceptance test (n = 204) was conducted on a subset of the products and showed a strong bias for specific color attributes. Consumers liked even, light‐orange hue; however, small changes in color dimensions impacted visual appeal. Overall characterization of products is described by a three‐factor principal component analysis solution. F1 (44% variance) correlated to moist texture and a redder‐orange hue and inversely correlated to stickiness. F2 (30% variance) correlated with high evenness and inverse correlation with acidic, bitter taste, and earthy aroma. F3 (15% variance) correlated to high sweet taste and caramel aroma.

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