Identification of haemanthamine as a phytotoxic alkaloid in Narcissus pseudonarcissus L. (Daffodil) emerging buds

Natural Product Research, DOI: 10.1080/14786419.2023.2174536, February 6, 2023.

Abstract: Christine J. Kempthorne, Suresh Borra, Manoj Kumar, Chanti Babu Dokuburra, David K. Liscombe & James McNulty. Emerging buds of Narcissus pseudonarcissus were found to accumulate the alkaloid haemanthamine (1) at high concentrations, exceeding that of narciclasine (2), the most abundant constituent in bulbs of the plant. A phytoactivity screening assay demonstrated the novel phytotoxicity of haemanthamine against Raphanus sativus (radish), Lactuca sativus (lettuce), Triticum aestivum (red wheat), Solanum lycopersicum (tomato), Cucumis sativus (cucumber), Ipomoea (Morning glory), and Lens culinaris (lentil). Haemanthamine (1) phytotoxicity was found to exceed that of the commercial herbicide glyphosate and less toxic than narciclasine (2).

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