Biological Crop Protection research services

Are you looking to improve your biological and biochemical plant protection strategies? Vineland’s new Biological Crop Protection research service can help. We can support the introduction and use of new products and integrated pest management (IPM) solutions to improve production efficiency while promoting horticulture crop quality, environmental performance and safe working conditions.

For growers and grower organizations

  • Address plant protection/production priorities within the floriculture and vegetable industry
  • Laboratory and greenhouse trials to test products or processes to determine efficacy against pests and diseases and effect on plant performance for understudied crops
  •  Work with individual growers to advise or conduct on-farm testing of pest management practices including developing scientifically rigorous trial methods, data collection, data analysis and interpretation of results

For bioprotectant and technology companies: 

  • Product trials, product development and efficacy testing
  • Assist with product development using new formulations in laboratory, greenhouse or field trials 
  • Validate existing and new formulations and technologies in laboratory, greenhouse and field trials
  • Evaluate existing formulations and technologies against new pests
  • Trial data can be used for enabling registration/label expansion
  • Compatibility testing of new or existing products with other bioprotectants
  • Evaluate impacts on plant performance (e.g. yield, quality, stress, phytotoxicity, shelf life)

For researchers: 

  • As an independent, not-for-profit research organization we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied research
  • We offer modern pre-commercial greenhouse, growth chambers, biochemistry and genomics facilities
  • Our research farm is capable of growing many field, fruit and vegetable crops
  • We have close working relationships with growers and industry
  • We are able to collaborate on research grants

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