Manufaturing, sales and service opportunity for Appassimento Drying System

Vineland’s Appassimento Drying System: 

Appassimento grapes

  • Vertical airflow technology for drying of foodstuffs
  • Canadian Patent No. 2,828,028
  • U.S. Patent No. 9,526,261


  • Developed for drying wine grapes to be used for Appassimento-style wine making
  • Potential for other crops such as herbs or cannabis where slow, controlled drying is required
  • Vineland’s technology paired with temperature and humidity control provides:
    – Consistent and uniform drying
    – Minimal space requirements
    – Reduced risk of product spoilage

Images and diagram of the technology

Appassimento drying system:

  • Portable and scalable
  • Business opportunities in equipment manufacturing, sales and/or providing drying as a service
  • Flexible configurations:
    – Stand-alone enclosed chamber system
    – Free-air system for installation in any climate-controlled space

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