Science Communication: Synthesis of Research Findings and Practical Advice from Experienced Communicators

Journal of Extension, August 2020, Volume 58, Number 4, Tools of Trades, v58-4tt6
The article can be viewed here

Abstract: Amy Elizabeth Jenkins, Alexandra Grygorczyk, Andreas Boecker. Use of effective public communication strategies is critical for Extension professionals to successfully navigate challenges faced by the agriculture sector and local community, effect policy changes, and ensure public value for the Extension program. Simply addressing the public knowledge deficit is ineffective for gaining public trust in science. Thus, implementation of public engagement and increased dialogue are central to contemporary Extension practice. Such an approach requires balancing factual knowledge with an engaging and open communication style. We draw on both research findings and advice from experienced science communicators to provide a synthesis of practical tips for achieving this balance. Guidance is given regarding framing, word choices, and common pitfalls.

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