Case study – Technology roadmaps to drive opportunities within Canadian horticulture

Vineland has developed a series of technology roadmaps by conducting interviews and surveys with stakeholders along the horticultural sector value chain as well as representatives from other industries and doing a comprehensive review of scientific literature.

This multifaceted approach guaranteed a well-rounded comprehension of the subject matter, encompassing diverse perspectives from a broad spectrum of participants within the horticultural value chain.

The technology roadmaps have helped guide the appropriate steps toward achieving the triple bottom line of sustainability — environmental, economic and social, through:

Strategic technological evaluations:
Roadmaps evaluated current and future technology opportunities, categorizing them based on time, capital investment and commercialization stage. Roadmaps focused on specific sectors, regions and crops, as well as environmental sustainability.

Production cycle optimization:
The technological evaluations were strategically presented in order of their impact on the production cycle, from soil management to postharvest solutions. These ranged from current technologies to potential innovations with short-, medium-, and long-term outlooks, and ensured alignment with future needs and developments. This approach allowed clients to identify key areas where technology can optimize their operations and increase competitiveness.

Cost efficiency and market understanding:
Cost efficiencies for different production systems were reviewed, enabling decision-makers to make informed choices that balance the interests of different stakeholders, ensuring economic viability. Additionally, it enhanced the understanding of the produce value chain and key decision-makers and helped in optimizing supply chains and partnerships.

Accessibility and climate-adapted solutions:
The project provided information on accessible technologies and innovations for growers in Canada, particularly addressing challenges related to food production in different climate zones. A focus on people and communities to foster social sustainability and to help promote equity by supporting growers in overcoming specific challenges they face.


Through these roadmaps, Vineland assists clients in product, market and technology development.
Through these roadmaps, Vineland assists clients in product, market and technology development.
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