Vineland’s TreeCulture Research Park coming soon!

Climate change is rapidly impacting the Canadian tree landscape, creating an immediate need for information dissemination throughout the urban tree value-chain and space to generate applied-research solutions that can be readily deployed in areas most needed.

Introducing Vineland’s anticipated TreeCulture Research Park! The first of its kind in Canada, this new two-acre facility will be ready to respond to these challenges commencing with the upcoming completion of the first phase of construction.

Urban landscape field-scale research trials are essential in demonstrating the performance of solutions, however it is challenging to control variables in a real-world landscape. This is where the TreeCulture Research Park can make an impact.

With an anticipated launch in September 2022, the first phase of construction will initially offer an Open Air Laboratory containing 36 compartments that will expand to a robust 80-compartments facility. The laboratory will feature Canada’s only individually instrumented tree compartments with integrated sensor technology to recreate conditions faced by trees in urban settings while recording trees’ responses to stress and monitoring weather, soil function and canopy health. The data generated will help develop new analytical approaches and support high-level advancements in the field.

The TreeCulture Research Park conceptually evolved from more than a decade of highly successful urban forestry research at Vineland, namely our Greening the Landscape program. With completion of this new facility, the program will continue to develop application mechanisms aimed at improving tree survival and increasing the sustainability of tree canopies and shrubs that can be applied in urban settings.

To learn more, click here or contact:
Darby McGrath, PhD
VP, Research and Development
905-562-0320 x623

Phase one construction of the new Vineland’s TreeCulture Research Park.
Phase one construction of the new Vineland’s TreeCulture Research Park.
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