Vineland partners with Eminent Seeds in quest to bring consumers tasty Ontario tomatoes

VINELAND STATION, Ontario, October 16, 2019 – Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is one step closer to bringing flavour-packed Ontario greenhouse-grown tomatoes to Canadian consumers. Vineland has partnered with Eminent Seeds to produce and distribute the seeds for the first three varieties of greenhouse-grown tomatoes-on-the-vine (TOVs) developed by the research and innovation centre with input from consumers and growers alike. The Netherlands-based company, chosen after an intensive vetting process, is a trusted leader in breeding and marketing high-performing and unique varieties of tomatoes that can be grown all over the world.

Eminent Seeds will work closely with Vineland to ensure the widespread release of seeds to Canadian greenhouse growers to produce the first commercial crop of these new TOVs with improved flavour and production traits in 2020.

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