Case study: speeding up new plant variety development

In 2016, Vineland introduced Deep Variant Scanning (DVS), a proprietary approach to trait discovery. DVS uses genomic technologies that are able to sequence millions of DNA molecules at a time and combined with bioinformatics — the science of gathering and interpreting biological information like genetic codes — to identify new plant varieties with improved traits and higher yield or better quality.

To bring this technology to the broader market, Vineland launched Platform Genetics in 2017, a spin-off company (and exclusive licensee of the DVS technology) offering trait development and genomics services to the global seed industry. 

Platform Genetics has been growing rapidly since it was launched, surpassing major revenue milestones ahead of schedule and demonstrating the global demand for this technology. More than 75 contracts for over 30 crops — from tulips and marigolds to soybeans, potatoes and beyond — with more than 30 clients have generated significant revenues in the last five years. The company’s global impact is evident with 80 per cent of sales originating from clients outside of Canada.

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Platform Genetics
Platform Genetics offers a fast and cost-effective technology allowing to speed up the plant breeding process.
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