No rose without a thorn: Hedonic testing of live rose plants

Journal of Sensory Studies, June 20, 2019, e12526.
The article is available here at a cost.

Abstract: Grygorczyk, A., Jenkins, A.E. and A.J. Bowen. Sensory and consumer testing of live rose bushes presents several unique logistical challenges due to product size and the need to present roses during a small window of opportunity when they are in full bloom, the timing of which differs from plant to plant. The current study determined whether online (close up photographs of rose blooms) and in‐person (live plants) liking tests produced comparable results and discusses the logistical considerations of in‐person testing. Three studies were conducted: two in‐person to compare two different study design strategies (n = 199, n = 206) and one online (n = 209). Photos of rose blooms evaluated online did not correlate with in‐person liking evaluations (R2 = .00003). The best approach for in‐person testing (completing testing in 1 week with only blooming roses versus spreading out testing over 3 weeks) depended on the project budget and whether a particular rose of interest needed to be in the sample set.

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