Building sustainable landscapes

The establishment and survival of plants and trees to improve environmental performance, counter climate change pressures while increasing the competitiveness of the nursery landscape sector is the foundation of Vineland’s greening the landscape research program.

Working with partners across Canada, Vineland develops models and specifications to improve the performance of vegetation and green infrastructure design to ensure impact for the industry.


Innovation Challenge and Opportunity

Plants are the fundamental components of a living green infrastructure that delivers environmental, economic and social benefits. Cities recognize plants and trees as integral to climate change mitigation strategies and have set ambitious canopy cover targets.

Research and the application of that research to understand plant stress tolerance to extremes can inform plant selections and developing tools and production methods is improving plant establishment and survival. Providing clear, industry-ready recommendations backed by solid science and validated methodologies helps the sector capture a market opportunity to engage with cities, developers and others to deliver on climate change targets.

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