Vineland e-newsletter – Fall 2022

Vineland collaborates on innovation team aiming to expand berry production in Canada Vineland collaborates on innovation team aiming to expand berry production in Canada

Vineland is proud to collaborate as one of 15 teams granted a Spark Award, the initial award phase of the Homegrown Innovation Challenge. The challenge aims to discover innovative tools and technology solutions to enable Canadian growers to cultivate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. 
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Drying tomato plants for removal following a viral outbreak 2022 research brief – Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus

Nearly ten years ago, Vineland initiated a greenhouse tomatoes-on-the-vine breeding program aimed at developing flavourful and adapted to Canada’s climate fruit. In late 2019, Vineland shifted the focus to also include the identification of a source of resistance to the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus.
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Rhoda B. deJonge, PhD Director, Plant Responses and the Environment

New program lead at Vineland

Rhoda B. deJonge, PhD has joined Vineland as Director, Plant Responses and the Environment. She will be working with land managers, cities and producers across the country and internationally to help improve tree planting success in challenging settings.
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Darby McGrath, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development

Meet Vineland – Canada’s leader in horticulture research and innovation

Vineland delivers innovative products, solutions and services through an integrated and collaborative cross-country network to advance Canada’s research and commercialization agenda.
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A greenhouse tomato-on-the-vine variety at Vineland

In the news

Vineland works to make public our latest horticultural research and innovation. Here is a snapshot of some stories you might enjoy.
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