Vineland e-newsletter – Winter 2023

Automation Cluster event Vineland’s Automation Cluster event

To celebrate the wrapping up of five years of applied research focused on Canada’s Automation Cluster, Vineland hosted on February 21, 2023 a one-day event showcasing research and facilitating discussions on the future of automation in Canadian horticulture.
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New report compares impact of propagation trays on tree establishment New report compares impact of propagation trays on tree establishment

What happens in propagation doesn’t stay in propagation, according to a new report titled The Impact of Propagation Trays on Tree Establishment, which summarizes key findings from a five-year field trial conducted by Vineland in partnership with A.M.A. Horticulture.
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Platform Genetics

Case study: speeding up new plant variety development

A powerful technology developed at Vineland is shortening the amount of time needed to discover and bring new plant varieties to market. Vineland’s proprietary Deep Variant Scanning approach is a fast and cost-effective technology allowing plant breeders and seed companies worldwide to speed up the plant breeding process. 
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Canadian-based Mycionics Inc.

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre announces mushroom harvesting technology transfer to Canadian-based Mycionics Inc.

Vineland has announced the transfer of its patented robotic mushroom harvesting technology to Mycionics Inc., a Canadian agtech company located in Putnam, Ontario.
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Market Insights services to enhance the value of your business

Vineland now offers Market Insights services to minimize risks, increase profitability and improve the competitiveness of your business, technology or product.
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