Vineland e-newsletter – Spring 2022

Opportunity mapping for horticultural waste streams

Approximately 74 per cent of Canadian fruit and vegetable waste occurs before reaching consumers for a myriad of reasons. One third of that total, considered unavoidable, generates expenses for producers and processors. To tackle this issue, Vineland examined underutilized waste streams for the top seven Canadian produce crops and identified the range of opportunities for managing these by-products.
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Validating a new plant-growing technology in the greenhouse

Vineland is a member of the Greenhouse Technology Network, collaborating with small- and medium-sized organizations to advance the development, adoption and implementation of technologies to support the greenhouse industry. Here are highlights from one of our recent collaborative research projects.
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Vineland welcomes new sensory panelists
Vineland’s Consumer, Sensory & Market Insights identifies opportunities to fill market gaps and guides new product development. Its trained sensory panel has been an integral part of the research team with eleven new panelists joining the group during a recent recruitment effort.
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Vineland’s Board seeking new Directors
Board Directors serve as volunteers to advance Vineland’s mission and support our impact agenda. Learn more about this opportunity.
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In the news
Vineland works to make public our latest horticultural research and innovation. Here is a snapshot of some stories you might enjoy.
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